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This website does not collect or retain any personal information except the standard http server logs. If you decide to submit a comment, the WordPress software used on this site will place a cookie containing the commenter’s name, e-mail address and link (if submitted) and will use this cookie if and when the commenter returns to post another comment, for faster processing of the submission. However, this functionality is not mandatory and can be disabled by either manually or automatically removing the cookie from your computer. If in doubt on how to do that, please check your web browser’s documentation.

Please remember that your name, your link and your comment will be published on the website and will be visible to anyone on the Internet. We repeat – it will be visible to ANYONE on the internet. Please keep this in mind if sharing proprietary information or comments solely for PRSA Sunshine eyes. Your email will not be published and will be used solely for identification purposes.

However if an attempt to abuse this website is detected, or if required by law, the webmaster reserves the right to collect as much information as possible and to share it or submit it to the appropriate authorities.

You abuse this website by submitting comments or links to other websites that contain:

  • Any kind of pornographic material.
  • Any kind of illegal material.
  • Any kind of online marketplace, legal or illegal.
  • Racism related content.
  • Abusive or insulting accent toward the author or any other reader.

November 2, 2008 at 9:36 am 3 comments